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find the global community that supports you in living a more embodied, alive, and meaningful life
I know what it's like to go out in the "normal" world and feel isolated, alone, and separate from people who actually get me.

Deep down, I know I'm not the only one who geeks out over the magic of the female body, the incredible medicine of plants, the wisdom of the menstrual cycle, or the transformative power of ritual and ceremony... but sometimes, I forget. 

We can scroll through our phones, read post after post, and even follow like-minded women but STILL many of us feel distant, separate, and even competitive with each other. 

Deep down inside, we know what it's like to sit in healing space with other women. We know what it might feel like to allow ourselves to be open, vulnerable, and authentically who we are. 

What we need is an intimate place to remember.

And that's why we created the Inner Circle Virtual Membership.

Welcome to the Inner Circle
 a space that keeps you aligned with your path and accountable for your own transformation
For thousands of years, women have gathered in circle to share, learn, sing, and ultimately, to heal.

Patriarchy teaches us that in order to be strong, powerful, worthy women we need to be independent and do everything on our own. 

Wise women know that we were never meant to do it alone. 

The Inner Circle gives us a space to share openly and honestly with each other to create true community and connection during this confusing time.

The Inner Circle provides the opportunity to continue our education from anywhere in the world without having to spend thousands of dollars on an in-person training.

The Inner Circle holds us accountable for our continuous growth and transformation. We're not just talking about the womb, this program includes potent practices to uplevel your entire life so you can exist in a way that reflects feminine teachings. 

We are offering this virtual connective space for you to do some epic transformation while birthing your most extraordinary self among a group of trusted sisters.

We're currently exploring Body, Mind, Spirit
Following the guidance of Mother Earth, we have sequenced the teachings of Inner Circle to follow the life cycle of a plant.

Every three months we will explore a major topic that will be broken down into three phases: Root, Grow and Bloom.

Our current topic is…
Body, Mind, Spirit
Our body, our mind, and our spirit are undoubtedly intertwined, but most of us don’t know how. For the next three months, we’re going to break down how our body and mind connect with one another. Then we’ll look at how our spirit and our connection to the universe around us interact with our body and our mind.
In our first month we’ll explore the sacred connection to your body and ways to incorporate self-love into your life through nourishing your body and making friends with your body
Then we will learn the basics of the nervous system, the physiology of belief, and more to build a foundation around spiritual teachings that is trauma-informed, compassionate, and deeply knowledgeable.  
Lastly, we’ll explore mysticism and the tenets of mutual aid to shift the paradigm around the idea of ‘help’ that doesn’t pity, support that doesn’t save, and activism that doesn’t drive further division of our humanness.
 PLUS if you join now you’ll have access to all our previous modules…

Realigning From Unbalanced Hormones And Fatigue
How To Cultivate More Conscious Relationships
Intimacy And Pleasure With Self, Others And The Earth
Custom-Designed Tools Each Month
this community was made with you in mind


  • Monthly Live Full Ceremony - Hosted a virtual meeting room where you will be able to share and see the other women in the circle with you. Each ceremony will be themed specifically to meet you exactly where you are you journey.
  • Unrestricted Access to the Womben Wellness Collective Facebook  Group - A sacred online space to share, learn and grow on a daily basis along with the Womben Wellness team and the other women doing this work.
  • Founder's Club Bonus: The Essential Womben Wellness Songbook - Downloadable audios and an accompanying lyrics of our favorite sacred songs that connect us to our ancestors and nature around us.


  • Monthly Live Lecture and Q&A - Cutting-edge content to educate and empower specific areas of your life like womb health, sex, nervous system reprogramming, plant medicine, money, business and more!
  • Downloadable Worksheets -​ Content that you will be able to use as inspiration for your own women's work or ceremonies shared in your local communities, so that the Inner Circle has as much impact as possible.
  • ​Founder's Club Bonus: The Female Anatomy Demystified Digital Guide - Your integral guide to discovering our wonderful feminine anatomy from both a scientific and sacred perspective.


  • ​Downloadable Deep Healing and Integration Practices - Exercises to support assimilation of the wisdom and lessons so you walk away fully transformed, from the inside out every month.
  • Themed Playlists for Potent Embodiment - One of our community's favorite resources to support the embodiment of the month's teachings!
  • Founder's Club Bonus: Full-Length Yoga for Womben Video Masterclass - Discover a softer way of movement based on women's natural alignment.

  • ​Newsletter with in-depth guidance on the month's theme
  • ​Live virtual ceremony to connect deeply with the Inner Circle Sisterhood and unlock powerful embodiment practices that will transform your relationship with yourself and the women in the Circle
  • Live online lecture to educate and empower specific areas of your life like womb health, sensual pleasure, nervous system reprogramming, plant medicine, sex, money, business and so much more... 
  • ​Live Q&A session where you will be able to discuss anything personal that came up for you and share your experiences for collective transformation
  • Deep healing and integration practices to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can live in an uplifted state of joy, pleasure and celebration
  • ​​BONUS: The Female Anatomy Demystified Digital Guide
  • ​​​BONUS: Full-Length Yoga for Womben Video Masterclass
  • ​​​​BONUS: The Essential Womben Wellness Songbook

Your Investment
You shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars on coaching programs or masterminds to find community. Connecting with other like-minded women is your BIRTHRIGHT, and that's why I've decided to make Inner Circle so accessible. 

Despite the Inner Circle offering so much value, I wanted to make this membership available for the women just like me, longing for support but unable to financially afford high ticket coaching programs.  

That's why if you join the Inner Circle today, you will be grandmothered into a $27 USD per month pricing and receive all the exclusive Founder's Club bonuses.

Once you complete your payment, you will receive an email to login to the Inner Circle portal and be able to access all replays and content instantly.
""Usha is so knowledgeable and embodied in all of the practices she shares. The ceremonies and the topics we learned about fed my mind, body, and soul. For all women feeling the call to explore their wild side and create a deeper relationship to spirituality and sisterhood, this is for you."
- Michelle -

"Interacting in this way with so many women was like a medicine for me - a powerful medicine that I have never experienced before. It’s not only women coming together, but it was the sharing of our stories in a safe space that made it so powerful. "
- Mariana -

Connecting women with the power of their inner intelligence and guidance is at the core of Usha's offerings.

Drawing upon her education as a Western holistic nutritionist, birth and postpartum doula, prenatal yoga teacher, womb worker, and placenta encapsulation specialist, Usha encourages self-inquiry and exploration as she takes her students on a journey of the body.

She believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the proper conditions, and facilitates space for students to connect with their own unique rhythm.

Usha combines her reverence and respect for ancient wisdom traditions with a modern based, scientific approach to offer transformational experiences that nourish the soul at every level. 
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Frequently Asked Questions


You will get immediate login credentials to access the Inner Circle Membership portal via email.


The Founder's Club pricing for the Inner Circle is $27 USD per month.


The live lectures and ceremonies will vary from month to month, but we will do our best to cater the timing to suit the majority of the Inner Circle members.


You will be able to access the live session replays at any time inside the membership portal. This will also allow you to revisit any content for reference in the future.


Due to the immediate access into the program, no refunds will be issued. However you will be able to cancel your membership at any time.

i have a question that isn't addressed.

You'll be able to reach out to the team anytime by emailing
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